Soft outfit customization

The product structure of Yulan Home Furnishing:

· Wallpaper, (seamless) wall covering

· Digital Wall Painting

· Fabric

· Curtain

· Pillow

· Carpet

· Hanging pictures

· Accessories


With the rapid development of the home furnishing market, Yulan Group has tirelessly enriched its product categories, from wallpaper wall coverings to curtain pillows, from single products to overall soft furnishings, from finished products to home customization, forming an all-round layout of Yulan furnishing series furnishings. , To meet the different household needs of consumers.

Digital 2.0 Magnolia Home
Products Show
Breakthrough use of 3D and small scenes to display products, the texture details are clear and the texture is stronger, especially the presentation of curtains, which better interpret the true restoration.
Inspiration match
The platform has a large number of soft decoration solutions built in, carefully matched by senior designers, and constantly updated. Shopping guides do not need to participate in professional and specialized training, and they can easily complete the program design and present consumers' homes immediately.
Design my home
Integrate communities in various cities across the country, with a coverage rate of 90%, with AI design and intelligent matching technology as the core, and realize the concept of "everyone is a designer". Cloud rendering technology truly presents 720-degree panoramic images and intelligent whole-house roaming images, realizing what you think is what you see and what you see is what you get.

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