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· Yulan selects high-quality imported raw materials to maintain sustainability.


· Ahlstrom non-woven paper imported from Belgium: Yulan uses non-woven paper base containing more than 15% chemical fiber to ensure excellent stability. Its expansion rate is very low, close to 0, which can effec-tively solve the problem of stitching edge.


· High-quality seamless wallcoverings substrate: It is more environmentally friendly and durable, with stronger tensile performance, better ability of sound absorption and noise reduction.


· Imported water-base ink: Yulan uses sustainable ink with excellent color fastness, which is not easy to fade.


· Kaneka PVC imported from Japan: Non-toxic and food-grade stabilizer is applied in the production of PVC and therefore Kaneka PVC is non-toxic, odorless, non-precipitating and pollution-free.

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