YLJ6763 series
The early morning mist, virgin forest, and the deep and pure sky ash create a long and peaceful space for home. Excellent modern furniture and accessories can easily bring a modern visual sense.
Color scheme
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YLJ676301 Black&White
YLJ676302 Black&White
YLJ676303 Black&White
YLJ676304 Black&White
YLJ676305 Black&White
YLJ676306 Black&White
YLJ676307 Black&White
YLJ676308 Black&White
YLJ676309 Black&White
YLJ676310 Black&White
YLJ676311 Black&White
YLJ676312 Black&White
YLJ676313 Black&White
Model YLX6777 Unit Meter
Classification Seamless wall covering Version Yan Xuan
Craft Jacquard Pattern Alternative
Brand Magnolia Colour Black&White
Specification 280-290CM Style Modern simplicity
Performance Ordinary Listing date 2020

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